A solar system Is Ecologically friendly. Economical, Simple, Aesthetic, Effective and Autonomous:
• Ecologically friendly:      with a Vormann Vs 500e system, the emissions of c02 avoided annually are equivalent to the fuel emissions of a car having run for 10.000 km.
• Economical:   will decrease your cost for energy by 70 -100% because the burnerand electric resistance will not need to operate for at least 7-12 months of the year, depends on the sun radiation of each area and the size of the system.
• Simple:          the well-studied selection of materials of Vormann make its installation safe and easy, reducing the time needed for its installation toa minimum.
• Aesthetic:  the excellent exterior design of the Vormann collectors in combination with their well-studied support base, offer the possibility of a tangent installation on tiled roofs matching aesthetically with every architectural building design.
• Effective and Autonomous: you have hot water at will 7-12 months per year. during winter time you secure the pre-heating of the water, and the extra hot water needed is secured from conventional energy.

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