Massive reduction in both hot water generation costs and greenhouse gas emissions has made the Quantum Heat Pump the World’s No 1 Hot Water System.

The Quantum Heat Pump has earned this distinction through its legendary system that literally draws heat out of thin air and transforms it incredibly cost-effectively into hot water with an extremely low CO2 footprint.

Produced by Quantum Energy Technology Pty Ltd, this heat pump technology is far superior to that of follow-on competitors because of patent protection and decades of intense research and development. This patented technology was the result of major innovative breakthrough by the University of Melbourne in Australia in the 1970s in the quest for low-cost, low-pollution hot water generation. Under license, Quantum Energy Technologies has progressively refined this technology over the last 30 years, constantly enhancing the benefits for users to ensure that Quantum Energy Heat Pumps have unbeatable advantages.

Quantum Heat Technologies Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Stock Exchange Listed Quantum Energy Limited.

Today, the internationally acclaimed Quantum Energy Technologies offers an unparalleled range of both domestic and commercial heat pump systems used globally in tropical, warm and cool regions for:

• Household hot water generation
• Swimming pool heating
• Commercial hot water
• Floor heating

Manufactured to the highest standards, Quantum Energy Technologies has within its range a
heat-pump solution to best-fit and solve your hot water and heating needs. You can be assured of low-cost, low-pollution reliable operation for many years to come.



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